Tom Tracy

Tom Tracy

Tom Tracy began employment with Tai-Yang Research Company in July of 2010. He was hired as a mechanical engineer after graduating with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University. He is currently working on a NAVY Phase I project on the R&D of a warm-to-cold termination for a high temperature superconductor power cable. His effort in this project includes the development of a parameterized thermodynamic model for a high current cryogenic current lead.

During his graduate studies he investigated the optimal flow splitting ratio for the exhaust stream of waste heat recovery systems. This study included the thermal modeling, fabrication, and testing of a small scale waste heat recovery system. He published a paper on this work in ASME’s Energy Sustainability Conference in 2006.

Throughout his undergraduate and graduate years, he worked for Dr. Juan C. Ordonez on several projects. These included optimal integration of solid oxide fuel cells for auxiliary power units, and optimization of biological growth systems for mass production of microalgae as a feedstock for biodiesel production. He also spent time as a graduate teaching assistant for advanced thermodynamic engineering courses.

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