Ben Andrews

Ben Andrews

Ben Andrews received a Bachelorís Degree in Computer Science from Florida State University in 2007 and a Masterís in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Dynamics and Controls from Florida State University in 2010.

Ben served as a Research Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at FSU for three years. As a graduate student, Ben undertook the research and development of the design, simulation, implementation, and control of an autonomous, one legged robot capable of running over unknown, rough terrain.

Upon graduating, he worked in a start-up research lab for the Florida State University College of Medicine. While there, Ben developed prototypes of novel medical device simulators/educational tools to be used at Florida State University and possibly commercialized. At this lab, Ben also created medical virtual reality and simulation environments, including experimental human-computer interaction devices for use with medical training/education.

Ben was hired at TYRC in January 2012 as a Mechatronics Engineer and Software Developer.

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