Trever Carnes

Trever H. Carnes

Trever Carnes began employment with Tai-Yang Research Company in February of 2009. He was hired as a mechanical engineer after graduating with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University. He is currently the principal investigator on a NASA Phase II project of a HTS magnet to power an adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration system to cool components on board a satellite. His effort in this project includes the development of a small lightweight HTS solenoid magnet and support structure.

During his graduate studies he investigated the effect that the equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) process has on the microstructure of high purity Niobium to facilitate the production of radio frequency cavities by severe deformation processes. This study included modeling the ECAE process and resulting macro-texture of material using ABAQUS, microstructure analysis using SEM and XRD processes for micro and macro-texture, and micro-hardness testing.

Throughout his graduate years, he worked for Dr. Peter N. Kalu and assisted on several projects. These included various sever plastic deformation techniques such as ECAE, wire drawing, swaging, three axis deformation, and friction stir processing.

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